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Important Notice

The safety of all skaters is very important to us. Please report all injuries to a board member or rink monitor before leaving the rink.

Coaching Staff

Hiring a Private Coach & Proper Procedures for Changing Coaches

If you are considering a Private Lesson Coach for your skater. We recommend the following information:


Proper Procedures for Changing Coaches


1) Contact current coach; express reasons for switching to another coach; may be a way to resolve situation.

2) Make sure account balance is paid-in-full with the current coach.

3) Discuss change with skater; make sure they will be comfortable with change. Note: If parents seek out new coach prior to terminating current coaching arrangement, PSA’s Code of Ethics require PSA member (prior to acting as a new coach) to determine the nature and extent of any earlier teaching relationship with that skater and other PSA members. In most cases will contact current coach to determine: If previous coach is aware of the change. If there is a balance due. Asking new coach to not contact previous coach puts new coach in ethical quandary.


1) Switching coaches (if above procedures are followed) should not affect skater's relationship with other skaters.

2) Do not isolate or make an outcast of a skater who has switched coaches.

3) Do not encourage others to switch coaches.

4) Treat all skaters with equal respect.

5) On the ice, everyone must follow the same set of rules.