Membership Options

Mosinee SilverBlades FSC Club Membership Runs July 1 - June 30

Who need to be a full club member? Anyone using a private coach for additional lessons and would like additional ice opportunities aside from the Learn to Skate program, and participating in USFSA competitions and testing. Includes USFSA fee and access to SilverBlades Ice.

Full Club Membership:

Introductory Membership - 1st time as a Full Club member.  Applies to anyone that has never registered with USFS as an individual or full club member.

$65 1st family member, $55 for additional family member

Full Club Membership

$90 1st family member. $60 for additional family members

*All SilverBlades members are required to assist the club by volunteering 8 hours during Badger State Games, selling raffle tickets and signing up for two areas for the ice show.  

Other Options:

Associate Club Membership 12-month Membership:
$60 per member, must list home club.
Applies to skaters that have an Individual USFS Membership or a Full Club Membership in good standing with an another club. Includes access to Secondary Club Ice. Membership runs for 12 consecutive months from the month of purchase.  

Collegiate Members 4-Year Membership

$70 per member. This is a four-year full membership at a reduced rate for college-aged members and all skating privileges apply for the four-year duration. Each athlete may receive this option only once during their entire skating career. 


Mosinee Silverblades is a club that is run by volunteers, therefore, all time donated to our club is greatly appreciated. In order to help keep registration costs low, our club has 3 major fund raisers. Following are the required volunteer times each family is committing to when registering themselves and/or child to be a member of Mosinee Silverblades.

  • Badger State Games-8 hours (January 28, 2021-January 31, 2021) *donating food and supplies does not take the place of your time requirement
  • Ice Show-8 Volunteer Points (Week of March 7, 2021) Each volunteer spot will be assigned a point value depending on the time commitment required for that spot. A volunteer spot that will only require a person to be present for part of one of the shows/rehearsal days will average 2 points, whereas a spot that requires to person to be present for an entire show/rehearsal will be average 4 points. All freestyle level and higher skater families are required to help with teardown/clean up of the rink after the last ice show, which does NOT count toward your 8 required points.
  • Sell 12 raffle tickets for ice show by March 1, 2021. 12 raffle tickets will be distributed to all families around the beginning of November. Payment for raffle tickets is required at the time of pickup, if writing a check for the raffle tickets the Mosinee Silverblades will give you a choice to have the club hold the check until March 1st or cash the check immediately.

These volunteer times are required whether or not your child chooses to be involved in these events. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities available leading up to these events.

In the unfortunate event that you have not completed your required volunteer time you will need to pay the club for missed time before your child/children will be allowed to register with the Silverblades in the future.

  • $200 for uncompleted volunteer time at Badger State Games
  • $200 for uncompleted volunteer time at the Ice Show
  • $120 for unsold raffle tickets